Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Nobody left out on Thanksgiving.

Even when I think Americans are not the best at having holidays and celebrating them, I must admit that Thanksgiving is the exception. It's shocking to me that some families make a bigger deal over Thanksgiving than Christmas. I even have a friend that only eats turkey on Thanksgiving to keep the day special. During my years in America I had the opportunity to experience Thanksgiving with different families.
My first Thanksgiving was with my friend Erin White and her family. I didn't speak much English, but I will never forget their hospitality and love. I tried new flavors like eggnog, and ate too much. Another year my roommate and good friend Bonnie Dangerfield invited me to go over to her house for few days with her family. That was the first time I cleaned a turkey. I had so much fun! One year I spent TG with the family of one of my professors. They were all very nice, but I felt like a fish out of the water.
Marrying an Englishman didn't help to establish the tradition in our home, so now we were two being invited to participate in the holiday. While living in UT we used to go celebrate TG with the family of my friends Stacey and Kaley. Because their mom Susan is from England, it was wonderful to have Yorkshire puddings mixed in with American pumpkin pie.

From all the different ways I experienced Thanksgiving, I would say that I found something in common besides the menu, I found that American families make sure nobody is left out that day and have no problem to open the doors of their house to welcome you.

This year we are planning to celebrate a New Yorkian Thanksgiving with our friends Stanton and Rubi. I'm so happy and grateful for having American friends that make sure we are not by ourselves this day and now that we have a "gringo" baby I will make sure we keep this awesome tradition.

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